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bench-eyesVerify Bench & Online Ad Results

  •  Guaranteed quality exposure, & critical internet 1st page search results within 2 weeks.
  •  Use a bench ad campaign to boost both street-side and online results.


Bench Ad Client

One Time Set Up Fee $995 $295
Each 5 Mile Target Radius* $60 per Week $60 per Week
Initial Term**
(It can take 12-28 weeks to bear gruit!)
4 Weeks 4 Weeks

*Larger Midwestern cities equate to 4 target radiuses. Small cities, 1 or 2. Example: Cincinnati is 4. Hamilton is 1.

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Website Set Up $795 Website Hosting $10/Week*
 *Free editing, added pages, pictures, video, just about anything. Even set up so you can do it.
 SEO optimized.  Analytics to monitor your traffic.  E-mail addresses & their support.