Our History


Bench Billboard Company is a second generation, family-owned business with a proud history that spans over 60 years of service excellence. When Fred Graumlich founded his new company in 1959, gas was only 30 cents per gallon, the average price of a home was thirty-thousand dollars, and Fred’s fledgling company served only the Cincinnati area. Today, Bench Billboard Company can be found in major cities throughout a four-state area.

FredGraumlich1966Leading up to 1959, Elza Graumlich, Fred’s father, was the first Transit Commissioner for the city of Toledo, Ohio. It was only natural that his son would be drawn to supporting the transit industry. With Elza’s expertise and advice, Fred started his then small bench billboard company in Cincinnati, Ohio, to provide a way for business to sponsor much needed seating to weary transit riders. One of his first major accounts was Blue Bird Pies.

Fred’s son, Bruce, also had a motivation to get in the family business at the age of 14… to buy a new stereo. Later, while working on his Marketing degree at Miami University, Ohio, Bruce began making sales calls from his fraternity dorm room to help out his dad. Today, Bruce Graumlich is the current owner and President of Bench Billboard Company, providing a second generation of service to their many clients.

Looking ahead to the company’s future, Bruce’s goal is to continue the family tradition of serving clients and developing relationships. “I like helping businesses grow. I listen to their problem or challenge and help them find a solution. It’s fulfilling. You could say their success is my success.”