Arbitron National In-Car Study


Welcome to the Arbitron 2009 National In-Car Study. This report will provide a detailed examination of America’s in-car media audience and its exposure to outdoor advertising, radio and audio technologies. The study will also examine the shopping and purchase decisions of America’s mobile consumers.

Arbitron has published several benchmark studies documenting America’s relationship with various media, including dial radio platforms (satellite, Internet, podcasting, HD® radio) and place-based advertising in such diverse venues as movie theaters, airports and bars. Our work in examining the mobile audience began in 2001 with the Arbitron Outdoor Study: Outdoor Media Consumers and Their Crucial Role in the Media Mix. The Arbitron 2003 National In-Car Study represented our first comprehensive national analysis of America’s total in-car experience, including exposure to both printed outdoor advertising and radio, the in-car broadcast medium; this report is a follow-up to that landmark 2003 survey. In 2008, Arbitron examined next generation outdoor advertising in the Arbitron Digital Billboard Report: Cleveland Case Study and in 2009 explored big city travelers’ attitudes toward outdoor advertising in the Arbitron Outdoor Billboard Report: Los Angeles County Case Study.

In Car Study 2009